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Manage remote access to your servers

XELIOS Fingerprint SDK Web Edition
Integrate digital fingerprint uthentication on your network (Internet and Intranet) in a few seconds!


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XELIOS PC LOGIN Biometric Edition

PC Login Biometric PRO is a powerful solution to integrate biometric authentication in corporate environments.

PC Login Biometric PRO runs as a client/server or standalone solution, and uses a central database to store all user biometric credentials, replacing conventional user names and passwords. It includes various features including on-the-fly encryption and Single Sign On to protect the access to computers and confidential data. PC Login Biometric PRO is not only a powerful security tool, but also very simple to install: thanks to its « One Touch » authentication system, its Boot authentication and its ability to remotely install hardware drivers, the deployment of biometrics devices and users enrollment can be centrally managed and optimised.


PC Login Biometric PRO provides strong access control at the boot level for computers running Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT-SP3/2000/XS, as well as PocketPC and TabletPC!
This level of protection is guaranteed by a secure login mechanism using fingerprint recognition. This advanced technology combines identification and verification, in order to authenticate users and authorize access according to their credentials. Fingerprint recognition presents multiple advantages, such as high security and ease of use.
With PC LOGIN BIO PRO, users can access local and network accounts with a simple finger touch!

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Fingerprint Manager.
This interface combines ease of use and powerfule user management.


- Fast user switching (available only with Windows XP), allowing to switch between user accounts with a simple finger touch.
- Screensaver protection, completing the list of security features
- Single Sign On (SSO), securing access to restricted or private zones, such as network connection, Intranet, mail services or private Internet account. This function uses fingerprint recognition where passwords were needed, subsequently saving time and preventing the well-known forgotten password… It automatically identifies windows containing passwords entry fields ! Our SSO works with Web applications (Internet browser pages), Windows applications or client/server third party software such as ERP solutions. All passwords can also be centrally stored on the server in Active Directory/LDAP.
- Data encryption: PC Login Biometric PRO also encrypts your data to preserve its confidentiality. It creates virtual drives (encrypted) to protect your sensitive files from unauthorized users. This can also be used for external multimedia and CD-ROMs !
- Desktop protection: PC LOGIN Biometrics PRO is well adapted to secure access control on PCs. Users can control access with fingerprints only, or fingerprints with smartcards and PINs. These multiple authentication methods provide a complete protection for all computers wherever they are connected to the corporate network, or from home or mobile offices. Once encrypted, user credentials (templates) and password banks can be stored locally on the computer hard drive, on a central database (LDAP/Active Directory) or on Smartcard.

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The Single-Sign-On replace passwords !
Click on a window or dialog box to protect it access using fingerprint instead of usual password.


As a client/server solution, PC LOGIN Biometric PRO can easily deploy strong authentication systems on all network workstations.
Features include:
- Higher security
- Central administration
- Optimised user management (no password, better ergonomics)
- Compatibility with Active Directory through LDAP
- Full integration with Microsoft User Management
- Redundancy and fault tolerance
- Roaming password banks

Remote Access Authentication

PC LOGIN Biometric Pro also allows remote user authentication via VPN.
It is compatible with SSO (Single Sign On) solutions using ONE Time Password.

Advanced security :
Secure mode

- login with passwords restricted to administrators only
Passwords rotation
- Complex passwords generation
- Risk reduction related to password attacks
- Full transparency for users without a need for password!
Advanced features with smartcards
- Centralised management
- Customised actions following card removal (disconnection, computer lock…)


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Client/Server architecture.


Secure mode:
- Login with passwords restricted to administrators only
Passwords rotation:
Complex passwords generation /
- Risk reduction related to password attacks-
- Full transparency for users without a need for password!
Advanced features with smartcards:
- Centralised management /
- Customised actions following card removal (disconnection, computer lock…)


XELIOS has selected the best fingerprint sensors and the best device manufacturers for you in order to provide you the best software / hardware access protection for your PC.

The optical mouse, especially developed by SIEMENS and equipped with a new capacitive fingerprint sensor, protects access to your PC in a most effective manner.

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Compactness and ultra-thin, the TouchChip fingerprint sensor is particularly suitable for use with mobile computers.

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To obtain this product, XELIOS proposes setting up a customised review of your needs with you :

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With PC LOGIN BIOMETRIC PRO, you have an impressive number of security parameters at your disposal:

  • Acces control by Strong authentication
  • Enterprise ready Client/Server security solution
  • Fingerprint biometrics optionally combined with smartcards for up-to 3 factor user authentication
  • Integration with Windows User Management
  • Active Directory integration and LDAP support
  • Load balancing and fault tolerance
  • Single-Sign-On
  • Powerful password management features: password rotation, password bank and passport roaming
  • Portable personal password bank for single sign-on to applications and web sites
  • Transparent file & folder encryption for storage of sensitive data


Client :

  • Windows 95 OSR2
  • Windows 98 / Me
  • Windows NT4
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Tablet PC
  • Pocket PC
  • Client légers Wyse

Server :

  • Windows NT4
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Server with LDAP and Active Directory

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